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Individual customer support is the major focus of our business. As a result, we first use a workshop to establish our customer’s needs and how we can handle the upcoming tasks as efficiently, reliably and quickly as possible. We are convinced that we will only be able to offer tailor-made services if we have first carried out a thorough analysis of the situation.

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We do not offer “ready-made solutions”. Our about 200 employees are experts in their field with many years of experience and gain ongoing qualifications during regular training sessions. Their expertise and their ability to solve problems enable us to develop individual solutions for our customers.

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We believe that service must be all-embracing. We are the only company in the sector that can offer our customers all the services related to customs matters. We act in a service-oriented manner at all times and constantly keep our eye on our customers’ individual wishes and needs.

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We at ALS provide our customers with comprehensive support when it comes to the complex issue of customs matters. Our team consisting of customs experts draws up precisely the right strategy to solve your very special problem. We have developed what we call “the ALS method” so that we are able to take into account all the factors that are crucial to success and find the right solution. We handle your projects individually according to this all-round approach and you as our customer can benefit from our expertise and our many years of experience in very many ways.