Compliance and export controls


We understand compliance to mean adherence to legal and voluntary stipulations, internal corporate guidelines and ethical principles. Adherence to compliance guidelines is a major cornerstone of modern business activities and is prescribed by EU Regulations 2580/2001 and 881/2002.

Export controls represent an important partial aspect of corporate compliance; the experts at ALS Consulting Services GmbH help companies to integrate these measures within existing processes: the central components involve communicating principles and content, the risk and security analysis, compliance audits, the analysis of the results and compliance follow-ups.

The end-to-end support provided by our experts ensures that our customers:

  • have greater legal certainty and a lower liability risk
  • can increase their profitability and the value of the company
  • obtain competitive advantages through integration and long-term prospects for success
  • gain access to information and improved appraisal procedures for the authorities
  • can prevent any fraudulent activities within their company (asset protection)