Transit clearance


Transit papers are required for goods in transit through a customs area. ALS Customs Services forwards these electronically using the NCTS (New Computerised Transit System). It is also necessary to deposit a surety bond when initiating the procedure; this can take the form of a cash payment or a bond. If required, we can make our general bond available to customers for transit consignments. We can also handle the normal, domestic transit papers procedure (known as the Geleitschein) in Switzerland for our customers.

We also complete our customers’ shipping procedures and transfer the goods for free circulation after the payment of any customs duties and import taxes or to a different customs clearance procedure. We are an authorised consignor or consignee and can send or receive goods, which are being cleared with a joint/common shipping procedure, without the goods needing to be presented to the customs office at the place of departure or destination. The goods can be accepted at any approved site.

The Carnet TIR (Carnet Transport international de marchandises par véhicules routiers) is a document for shipping goods in transit by truck. The temporary non-payment of import tariffs and duties allows companies to transport goods between the TIR signatory countries in a flexible manner. As experts, we handle the complete clearance process, including the additional need to register with the NCTS-TIR system. Either the vehicle or the container must be sealed if a company wishes to send goods under the Carnet TIR system.

The Carnet ATA (Carnet Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission) enables companies to temporarily import goods without having to pay duties and is a kind of “passport” for samples of goods, trade fair items or professional equipment. Carnets ATA are issued by the relevant Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  We are more than happy to handle the communications with these bodies and process the transaction for our customers.