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Ever since ALS Customs Services GmbH was certified as an Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) in 2008, we have been advising and supporting our customers during the complete authorisation process. Our colleagues at ALS Consulting Services GmbH provide the individual consultancy services and their core expertise covers all the work related to the subject of AEOs. Depending on what customers require, we can look after the complete process or just offer support for partial processes. Our consultancy services include risk assessments and planning work prior to making any application, making the application itself and providing support for audits by the responsible customs authority. Following successful certification to become an AEO, we can also offer support for the monitoring measures that are required.

We also offer other initial and further training measures on all the subjects relevant to AEO matters and we are happy to adapt them to our customers’ actual needs in each case.


Compliance and export controls


We understand compliance to mean adherence to legal and voluntary stipulations, internal corporate guidelines and ethical principles. Adherence to compliance guidelines is a major cornerstone of modern business activities and is prescribed by EU Regulations 2580/2001 and 881/2002.

Export controls represent an important partial aspect of corporate compliance; the experts at ALS Consulting Services GmbH help companies to integrate these measures within existing processes: the central components involve communicating principles and content, the risk and security analysis, compliance audits, the analysis of the results and compliance follow-ups.

The end-to-end support provided by our experts ensures that our customers:

  • have greater legal certainty and a lower liability risk
  • can increase their profitability and the value of the company
  • obtain competitive advantages through integration and long-term prospects for success
  • gain access to information and improved appraisal procedures for the authorities
  • can prevent any fraudulent activities within their company (asset protection)

Customs process management


Our trained quality management auditors and customs experts draw up individual solutions for the best possible integration of customs process management in our customers’ own process architecture. The major focus here is on communicating principles of customs process management and customs audits and the proper handling of business transactions that are relevant to customs matters.

Our services include:

  • communicating the principles related to the issue of internal customs audits
  • monitoring and checking whether business transactions that are relevant to customs matters are being handled properly
  • drawing up suggestions for optimisation

Training courses


We are more than happy to pass on our expert knowledge directly to customers. In addition to individual consultancy services, we also offer seminars and training courses. The further training opportunities are tailor-made to meet the needs of the (employee) target group.

The main issues at the training courses provided in the past include:  

  • Processing export sales
  • Simplified customs procedures
  • AEOs
  • Excise duty in practice
  • The origin of goods and preferences
  • Compliance
  • Export controls
  • Export procedures
  • Customs procedures with commercial significance

Other training course topics are available on request.