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Seamless clearance along your supply chain

We are a Broker for everyone and every industry. Introduce yourself and tell us who you are, whether you are a freight forwarder, a chemical enterprise, a manufacturer, an SME or a B2C provider, we provide you with expert customs solutions.

We ensure smooth international trade by solving customs problems and avoiding delays at international borders. All with comprehensive and legally compliant processes. 

Transform your customs activities across multiple countries into a secure supply chain with our complete international customs service .

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Customs Control Tower


International trade is changing, new technologies, systems and the use of AI's are simplifying the internal processes . Why not also improve the external processes, the connection between transport, customs and borders? We have made it to our business to find a solution that will create efficiency, automation, control and transparency; by using our Customs Control Tower, your datasets will ensure all your shipments will be cleared fast and trouble-free across all borders.

With us, you always have the right partner at your side.

More than just customs!


Connectivity, Compliance and Transparency

Automated end-to-end solutions. A set-up that will inspire you!

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At ALS, your customs path starts here
At ALS, your customs path starts here