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What is an EORI number?

An EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration Identification number. For businesses and individuals engaged in trade, an EORI number serves as proof of identification in all customs procedures when interacting with customs administrations. Maintaining the same type of identification number across the EU offers several advantages, including efficiency for both parties, security reasons, and statistical purposes.

Who needs an EORI number?

As defined by the European Commission, an EORI is required by any economic operators within the customs territory of the Union for customs purposes.

An Economic Operator (EO) is defined as 'a person who, in the course of his or her business, is involved in activities covered by the customs legislation.' (Consolidated TEXT: 32013R0952 — EN — 24.12.2016 (europa.eu) – Article 5(5)). Economic operators not established within the customs territory of the Union also require an EORI for various reasons, including

  • lodging customs declarations,
  • submitting Entry Summary Declarations (ENS)
  • Lodging exit Summary Declarations (EXS)
  • temporary storage declarations
  • acting as carriers for transportation by sea, inland waterway or air
  • acting as a carrier who is connected to the customs system and wishes to receive any of the notifications provided within customs legislation regarding the lodging or amendment or entry summary declarations.

When do you need an EORI number?

An EORI number is used for communicating with customs authorities, completing entry and exit summary declarations in some cases, and customs declarations. It's important to note that an EORI number is not always required when communicating with customs authorities. Legal notifications specify when it is required, such as when completing customs declarations or summary declarations.

How to apply for an EORI number?

If you haven't previously registered with an EU customs authority and need an EORI number, you must apply to the relevant authorities. This depends on your country of residence or incorporation, whether it's an EU member state or based outside the EU.

For more information and application details, please visit here

What does an EORI number look like?

An EORI number consists of two parts:

  • The country code of the issuing Member State (a 2-letter code).
  • A unique alphanumeric code within the member state (up to 15 characters).

Common problems with the EORI number

  • Is it possible to determine whether an EORI number already exists? Yes. To check an EORI number is valid, use the validation interface provided by the European Commission: EORI number validation (europa.eu)
  • Note that an EORI number does not replace other internal numbers used for tax and VAT payments in most member states; the VAT number is often misused as the EORI number.


Benefits of an EORI number

Having an EORI number offers your business several advantages in international trade:

  • Improved Security: EORI numbers, combined with Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) and Exit Summary Declarations (EXS), enhance security and enable risk analysis for goods traffic, facilitating legitimate trade while identifying security risks.
  • Reduced Administrative Complexity: Each economic operator has a single identifier valid throughout the EU, simplifying documentation preparation and processing.
  • Less Administrative Burden: A single EORI number reduces the need for cross-referencing in customs documentation, lightening the burden on operators.
  • Streamlined Customs Processing: A valid EORI number facilitates faster border transits, as customs authorities have access to necessary registration and identification data for processing declarations.

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Useful links

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