Welcoming DMS

Understand the changes happening with DMS
Understand the changes happening with DMS


Changes you need to consider

As of Week 36, the current Dutch customs system (AGS) will be replaced by the new system, DMS (Douaneaangiften Management Systeem).

This change will have an impact on how your business operates in customs processes, and therefore you need to be prepared.


What you need to know 

As of 11th September 2023, the transfer from the current system to the new system DMS will take place. This may cause you to face delays as a result of the disruption caused by DMS.

For processing your orders efficiently, at ALS Customs Services (NL), we ask you to send your orders (if possible) one week in advance prior to the arrival of your shipment. 

By sending your orders in advance, this will allow us to prepare the necessary documentation in good time, to avoid any problems that may arise as a result of the disruption from the transfer to DMS. 


Impact on import declarations

Fortunately for you, most changes have an impact on making an import declaration. These changes however will not affect the logistics of the shipment. 

Currently, when the declaration has been completed, you will have access to two documents: 

  • A Removal (AES)
  • An Invitation to Payment (UTB)

These documents withhold the proof that your goods have been declared for free circulation and therefore released. 


Proof of Customs Status 

As all communication takes place in a digital format, Customs has determined that the printed documents (AES and UTB) will no longer exist in paper format and instead, the status of the shipment will be displayed in the digital message within the declaration system (DMS).

Fortunately, in the Netherlands, our software provider can provide a print of the digital message, similar to the layout of an AES. As such, you will still have the option of a paper printout of the customs status. 



We understand the possible changes that these new amendments will bring you, especially the processing of these values within your administration.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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