Expansion | ALS Acquires Battaglino Customs Services


Picture of Duomo, Milan ItalyPicture of Duomo, Milan Italy
Picture of Duomo, Milan ItalyPicture of Duomo, Milan Italy
Expansion | ALS Acquires Battaglino Customs Services
Management of Battaglino Customs Services and ALS Customs ServicesManagement of Battaglino Customs Services and ALS Customs Services
Left to right: Luisa Occhipinti (Battaglino) Enrico Gentile (Battaglino) Stefania Battaglino (Battaglino) Richard Revyn (CEO ALS Group) Federica Battaglino (Battaglino) Maximilian Nett (CFO ALS Group) Gianpaolo Di Palma (Battaglino)

In a strategic move that strengthens its presence as a leading provider of global customs solutions, ALS Customs Services announced the acquisition of Battaglino Customs Services s.r.l, a well-established and respected customs brokerage firm headquartered in Milan, Italy. This acquisition is driven by ALS's commitment to expand its footprint in key European markets and offer clients a more comprehensive suite of customs services.

“Battaglino's strategic location in Italy's industrial hub, coupled with its expertise in e-commerce and UK-Italy trade, aligns perfectly with ALS's existing network and growth objectives” says Maximilian Nett, CFO of the ALS Group. Founded in 1986, Battaglino brings a rich heritage and a strong reputation for excellence to the ALS network. With a team of 79 experienced employees, the company further expands ALS’ expertise in customs clearance. This acquisition brings the combined entity to over 700 customs specialists, strategically positioned to serve clients across the globe.

Beyond the immediate advantages of economies of scale and an expanded customer base, ALS's expansion strategy in Europe and beyond is driven by the belief that its advanced technology and distinguished customs know-how can elevate the services of acquired companies. The ALS Group aims to provide solutions in a wide variety of countries across Europe and the globe from a single source, responding to a growing market demand for comprehensive, unified customs services. This strategy aligns with ALS’s goal of offering a global service portfolio while ensuring business continuity at the local level.

“This strategic acquisition represents a significant step forward for ALS in Italy,” commented Richard Revyn, CEO of the ALS Group. “We are delighted to welcome the Battaglino team to the ALS family and look forward to leveraging their expertise to offer a truly comprehensive end-to-end customs solution for our clients.”

The acquisition offers several strategic benefits for ALS. Firstly, it grants the company a key foothold in Italy’s industrial powerhouse, expanding its reach beyond current locations and strengthening its ability to serve clients throughout the country. Secondly, Battaglino’s established presence in UK-Italy trade and e-commerce broadens ALS’ solution portfolio, particularly for existing food and fashion clients. In addition, the acquisition grants ALS access to Battaglino’s significant e-commerce client base, fuelling ALS’ growth in this critical area.

Looking ahead, the ALS Group is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for Battaglino’s employees and clients. By leveraging the strengths of both organisations, ALS is well-positioned to become a leading provider of customs brokerage and end-to-end international trade solutions in Italy and beyond.


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