Broker and Advisor

Borders become milestones, not millstones.

We are a neutral full-service customs broker who operates at an international level. 
For over 30 years we have grown constantly with our clients and know more than just one customs union. Our task is to help your goods move quickly and easily, and our vision is to inspire companies to trade with confidence by creating seamless borders.

We provide more than just standard clearance; we use our expertise in national regulations in various countries to create customised solutions.

In so doing, we focus on the highest quality and efficiency in compliance with legal regulations.

We provide customers with the most compliant and efficient service, driven by our innovation, delivered through our passionate people.
Picture of Richard Revyn, the CEO of ALS Group.
Richard Revyn


We can help you

Regardless of the mode of transport you choose

We solve problems and delays, both as a decentralised or centralised solution via a single point of contact. We provide services at all stages of your journey, and the major logistics ports and transhipment hubs are familiar terrains for us. Even ‘remote’ clearance using authorisations is something we can handle for you

 Our Service

Truck loaded with goods ready for customs clearance
Airplane carrying custom cleared goods
Boat travelling with cargo across custom trade borders
Open railway ready for cargo to pass with customs cleared goods

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We are neutral and international with real people and offices

More than just a broker.

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Woman taking notes on customs requirements
Woman taking notes on customs requirements