A new way of customs clearance

A new way of customs clearance via automation
A new way of customs clearance via automation
As real pioneers, the ALS Customs Technology Team is designing the future of customs clearance for you.
Customs Technology
Christian Möllenhoff

Our Customs Control Tower means Automation at all levels

Customs 4.0 - A new way of customs clearance

Our CCT is our worldwide Customs Management System. A single point of data contact, behind which is a full suite of technology solutions. One solution for you and your customers. We automate the processes from the consignor to the consignee; different countries and systems are no obstacle for us.

The CCT offers you complete end-to-end solutions with value-added services. This provides you full visibility of your clearances including status, duties and taxes as well as documents.

Efficiency, rapidity and compliance combined.


Advantages of our automated solutions

You've never experienced customs like this before!

Transfer via interface

Direct integration with your ERP system.

Regular statuses and reports

Receive insight into your clearances.

Data enrichment

We can also enrich your data sets with missing information.

We care about the future


We want to protect our environment in order to ensure long-life solutions for our customers.

Our efforts include:

  • Reducing energy use by streamlining communications.
  • Accepting more data formats to limit unnecessary paperwork.
  • Increasing trusted solutions like Blockchain that eliminate wasteful verification processes.

By helping you become more successful, we help the environment become more sustainable.