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Welcoming team showing support to provide you with the help you need Welcoming team showing support to provide you with the help you need
Welcoming team showing support to provide you with the help you need Welcoming team showing support to provide you with the help you need

A Team with a Vision

Strong Network

We, the ALS Group, are a neutral, innovative, internationally operating customs service provider. From declarants to directors, we work as one: constantly in touch with each other to manage the daily needs of our customers and plan future strategies to enhance the services we provide.

Our internal processes are strong, honest and continuously reviewed for improvement.

The ALS values of:

  • Customer-Focused Solutions
  • Employee Orientation 
  • Integrity
  • Continuity 
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

are always in focus for every member of our team so that we can realise our vision:

To inspire companies to trade with confidence; by creating seamless borders.

We at ALS believe in our people. Their knowledge is our strength. And our strong network allows us to deliver operational excellence across Europe.
Jan Dykhuizen, COO of ALS GroupJan Dykhuizen, COO of ALS Group
Jan Dykhuizen
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Corporate Principles

Our principles apply internationally as a guideline for our entire Group


Motivated and healthy employees are indispensable for us - that's why we ensure fair working conditions.


Our quality management system monitors and optimises our processes to ensure we provide high quality.

Society and environment

Our business activities are based on economic and ecological decisions for the common good of our society

Acting responsibly

We expect our employees to act in accordance within a legal, ethical and moral framework.

Our Mission: Global market leader in Customs Solutions. Providing customers with the most compliant and efficient service. Driven by our innovation, delivered through our passionate people.

Who we are

Our company was founded in 1989, and we are well established in the market as an international customs service provider with over 30 years of experience in customs. We have been committed to long-term relationships and sustainable success for decades and dedicate our experience, quality and flexible approach to create the right solutions for your individual requirements. This commitment is supported by our decentralised organisation, our high level of IT competence and the innovative spirit of our employees.

ALS History

How we started

ALS Warenhandelsgesellschaft GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Alpina Rheinkontor GmbH. The original services offered, included trade, customs clearance and administration for new companies wishing to establish themselves in the European market. These then expanded into storage organisation and temperature-controlled transport

ALS Warenhandelsgesellschaft GmbH was renamed ALS Alpina Logistic Services GmbH with just 7 employees. The company portfolio extended into the complex customs clearance of food and agricultural products and other industries.

ALS officially opened offices at the Swiss border. The company portfolio again expanded to include neutral customs clearance for industry, trade, transport service providers and fiscal representation.

The founding of the first offices away from the Swiss border were established in the port of Hamburg, Germany and also in Hilden, Germany. ALS Alpina Logistic Services GmbH changed its operating name to ALS Customs Services GmbH, which remains to this day.

ALS Customs Services GmbH was awarded AEO (authorised economic operator) status as one of the first companies to achieve this in Baden-Württemberg.

ALS founded ALS Consulting Services GmbH. With offices in Weil am Rhein and Duisburg, the company handled topics relating to AEO, compliance and customs process management.

ALS Basel obtained the AEO certificate and was one of the first companies in Switzerland to achieve this.

ALS Customs Services GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary with 10 business sites across Germany, France and Switzerland.

ALS Customs Services expanded its European network and established offices in Antwerp, Belgium and Howald, Luxembourg. It had officially reached 100 employees across the company.

ALS Customs Services GmbH acquired the French customs specialist, Delta Douane.

Further international expansion included Schiphol, Netherlands and Manchester, UK. PSL Freight Limited in Dover, UK, was acquired by ALS.

Continued expansion of ALS in Antwerp, Belgium and Maia, Portugal. The acquired PSL Freight Ltd in 2019 was rebranded as ALS Customs Services Dover Ltd.

ALS officially launch in Szczecin, Poland & Dublin, Ireland.

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